Indigo Pixies Our Story

As a songwriter I knew that music yielded great power. I decided to write a nursery rhyme about a pacifier fairy who comes to a small child’s house while they are sleeping and helps them be brave by giving them the courage to give up their pacifier.

I wanted to make it a fun and magical song that Dylan would relate to. Children believe in magic and love music. When I was finished the song she played it for my cousin, Amy who owned and operated a day care facility. Amy herself fell in love with the song and she suggested that the two of us write a book to tell the story of this “Pacifier Fairy”. Amy’s husband Steven, a 3d animation graphic designer would design the characters and the pages of the book. The Indigo Pixies were born.

Amy and I self published The Paci Pixie book.  It was the first product from the Indigo Pixies to enter the marketplace. When the book was featured in Parent’s magazine, as a solution for pacifier weaning, it sold out within three weeks. It was evident that other parent’s shared the same struggle as I did with my son and were looking also for solutions. With the success of the book, Amy and I decided to bring Violet, the heroine of the story and the Forest Friend characters to life in cuddly plush toys. Currently, there are additional stories in different stages of production that will introduce new pixie and forest friend characters.

From the start, this project has been fueled by the immense creative passion of family that has combined our talents to fashion a children’s product line well received by parents and children and effective in its purpose. While reinforcing the importance of reading to children, the book, audio, song and the plush characters as well as the dynamic illustrations appeal to children in a fun and magical way. We thank you for visiting the Indigo Pixies.

– Cheryl Hajjar, Co-Founder

violet:the paci pixie