This fun and creative partnership allows Imajine That to offer the magical feeling of Indigo Pixies to children’s birthday parties by offering a Pixie themed party and be a vendor to host their retail plush and books. Indigo Pixies also sponsors the Indigo Forest dramatic play station within the Imajine That Discovery Museum. Children have the ability to dress up, play, and interact with the Indigo Pixies and Forest Friends by utilizing the various interactive materials and costumes housed in this station.

Product that is available for purchase includes the following: The Paci Pixie Book, Violet:The Paci Pixie (Limited Box Edition), and the Forest Friends Collection (Fiona, Stanley, Oliver) Please visit their site for more information: ImajineThat 

Indigo Pixies has teamed up with Brilliant Sky Toys and Books in Lombard & Deer Park, IL locations. We are happy to announce that they the Forest Friends Collection, (Fiona, Stanley, Oliver) The Paci Pixie Book, and Violet, The Paci Pixie in the limited box edition. Please visit their website for more information. Brilliant Sky Deer Park or Brilliant Sky Lombard

Indigo Pixies is happy to announce The Karyn Collection as a Retail Partner. The Karyn Collection can be located in Highland Park, IL . They carry the Forest Friends Collection, (Fiona, Stanley, Oliver) Violet: The Paci Pixie (limited box edition) and The Paci Pixie Book. For more detailed information please visit their site. The Karyn Collection

Indigo Pixies has arrived at The Paper Store. Product that is available for purchase includes the following. Violet: The Paci Pixie (Limited Box Edition) and The Paci Pixie Book are currently available in some select Paper Store locations including Beverly – Store #0014, Chelmsford – Store #0008, West Roxbury – Store #0015. Please visit their webpage for more detailed information. ThePaperStore

Indigo Pixies