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If you wish to submit a testimonial about a product or experience to Indigo Pixies. Please use the submission box below. We greatly appreciate all feedback and are excited within the Indigo Family when our products help children and parents.

Just the help we needed to put an end to my daughter’s obsession with her pacifier! After 3 years (Yes THREE) we finally found the solution. My daughter would not give up her pacifier no matter how hard we tried. The dentist warned that her teeth were being effected which could lead to costly dental procedures in the future. After receiving her Pacie Pixie doll and reading the story together something clicked and like magic she was willing to give up her pacifier. It’s been a few months now and she still sleeps with this adorable doll.


This thoughtful story book was just the trick for my daughter to pass on her paci. The reward of her now favorite Violet Pixie was just what Sarah needed to take the next step. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has or knows of a little one who is struggling with taking the next step!

John D Fitzgerald

This magical little Pixie knows just what to say to help your child feel good about growing up and giving up his pacifier. It is a wonderful resource for parents and pediatricians.

Dr. Irving J. NewmanMD FAAPNorth Chelmsford, MA

After going through a very tough time when my daughter (now aged 7) finally transitioned from her “Binky”, I was determined not to go through it again. I’ll be honest, when I saw The Paci Pixie, I was a bit skeptical, but once it arrived, I knew immediately I had made the right choice. The amazing thing was how quickly she LOVED this doll and absolutely was riveted at the story! It took two DAYS to get her off the binky. With her sister, it was WEEKS! I would more than highly recommend this to anyone facing a child who loves their binky. Nice story and a great doll.


The Paci Pixie Book and Violet was a life savior when it came time for my daughter to give up her pacifier !

Shaundra M. CrowleyBoston MA

Fabulous Product—I purchased this kit for my granddaughter since her mother was trying to wean her off her binky. The dollar is adorable and the book has a great story line. After reading the story a few times, my daughter now has given up her binky and sleeps at night with “Violet” her new doll. Strongly recommend this product. It worked for my granddaughter!


My sister read The Paci Pixie to her three-year-old son who used a pacifier to help him fall asleep. She explained it was time for the Pixie to take his pacifier away to sprinkle it with pixie dust and prepare it for another little boy or girl. My nephew was so excited to help a younger child fall asleep before reaching “big boy” age, and he hasn’t used a pacifier since.

Margaret M. LaFauciStoneham, MA
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